June 2019 Michigan Section Report

Greetings to all the Amateurs of Michigan,

Field Day! Who doesn’t get just a little excited about demonstrating the capabilities we amateurs have in assembling working communications stations almost anywhere? Not to mention the great food and sleep deprived comradery? Read more about Field Day, Generations, and upcoming ARISS contacts in this edition of the Section Newsletter.

Amateur Radio Week

Please note that Governor Gretchen Whitmer has issued a proclamation declaring June 18th through June 24th as Amateur Radio Week here in Michigan. You can view this document and even save a copy for your very own, at the Michigan ARRL Section Website (www.mi-arrl.org). A special thanks to Ed Hude WA8QJE, for driving this to completion.

Section Staff Vacancies

With the passing of our Section PIO, Patrick Mullet, KC8RTW, we are in seeking a replacement for that position. The job responsibilities of a PIO (Public Information Officer) are listed on the ARRL website, simply do a search for PIO.

We’ll also be seeking replacements for other positions throughout 2019. Some vacancies will be created as folks who have served retire, and others may need to be filled to improve activity levels within their offices.

I’m always happy to talk about your ideas and potential roles you would like to take on, and since I try and make appearances at several local swaps, it shouldn’t be too tough to track me down. Please remember that it’s relatively easy to spot issues, but much more challenging to craft workable solutions.

2019 TAPR Digital Conference in MICHIGAN!

Mark your calendars now for the 2019 ARRL/TAPR Digital Communications Conference, September 20th through September 22nd being held at the Marriott Detroit Metro Airport Hotel. The conference schedule includes technical and introductory forums, demonstrations, a Saturday evening banquet and an in-depth Sunday seminar. This conference is for everyone with an interest in digital communications – beginner to expert! Call 972-671-8277 or online at www.tapr.org/dcc

Send a positive message to the organizers that Michigan is the place to hold these conferences!

Cherryland ARC Assists in Upcoming ARISS Contact

The Traverse Area District Library in Traverse City, MI, has been scheduled for its ARISS contact.  The schedule is:  2019-06-28 at 14:02 UTC.

The Cherryland ARC is assisting with this ARISS contact.  The ARISS Mentor guiding the library is Gordon Scanell, KD8COJ — his email address is:  kd8coj@gmail.com

The club let Gordon know the following:

On April 25,  a news story aired on the WWTV-Channel 9 & 10 and was posted online regarding the Traverse Area District Library’s staff sponsoring an upcoming ARISS contact in Traverse City, MI. The library staff is working on hands-on activities and their summer reading club has the theme, “A Universe of Stories.”  Area ham radio operators from the Cherryland Amateur Radio Club were building the antennas to be used for the ARISS contact.


Generations, Clubs, & ARRL Members


To help set the stage, it’s a good idea to understand a little about generational boundaries. Then I would like to share a bit about what I think this might mean to attracting ARRL and Club members to our ranks.

Baby Boomers

The Boomers generation was born between 1946 and 1964, and currently make up 22.9% of the US population. Significant events in the world for them was the escalation of the Cold War, and the First Manned Lunar landing.

Generation X

Gen X folks were born between 1965 and 1980 and represent 19% of the US population. This generation witnessed the end of the Cold War and saw the revolution of the first personal computers blossom.


Individuals born between 1981 and 1995 representing 22.1% of the US population are considered to be Millennials. They were thrust into the world that witnessed the 9/11 terrorist attacks, along with the growing tidal wave of social media.

Generation Z

Births between 1996 and 2014 are Generation Z, and at 24.3% of the US population represent the largest single group. Gen Z folks saw the end of the Great Recession, and the rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence) hit mainstream.

The oldest Boomer is around 73, Gen X around 54, oldest Millennial is around 38, and oldest Gen Z population is around 23.

Age is not the only separator of the generations – their respective views on brand loyalty, money, social needs, and fun are often quite different.

Which brings me to my point – in many cases the amateur radio community is attempting to reach out to these four generations using one common set of guiding principles and tools. In the words often wrongly attributed to Albert Einstein, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result”.

Not all amateur radio clubs are sitting there waiting for someone else to discover things, for example the YACHT (Youth Amateur Communications Ham Team) and many others. Our challenge is emphasizing the FUN of amateur radio, especially to Gen Z populations who have always grown up with active global technology in the hands.

There is also a huge need for mentoring the younger generation. This can be accomplished by gathering more members, to both local clubs and the ARRL, from the ranks of amateurs that are often not a part of either. Failing to support local groups, along with the only lobbying organization for amateur radio, is not a contribution on the positive side of the ledger.

Sadly, I don’t have any magic answers, and I’m looking to all of you for great ideas. I would love to hear our thoughts on the subject. It’s all about TEAM (Together Each Achieves More).



Michigan Public Service Activities

Michigan Section Traffic/ARPSC Nets (all times local)

Please note that time adjustments may be necessary due to propagation
changes. Contact your net manager for alternate frequencies and/or

MACS – MI Amateur Communications System 3.952 1000 Daily

UPN – Upper Peninsula Net 3.921 1700 Daily; Noon Sun

MIARPSC – MI Amateur Radio Public Service Corps 3.932 1700 Sun

QMN – The Michigan Net 3.563 1830 and 2200 Daily

MITN – MI Traffic Net 3.952 1900 Daily

MIDTN – MI Digital Traffic Net 3.583 (Olivia 8/500) 2000 Tu, Th, Sat

MIADS – MI ARES D-Star Net Reflector 24A Mon 2000

D8EN – District 8 Emergency Net 3.909 Wed 2000

GLETN – Great Lakes Emergency and Traffic Net 3.932 2000 Daily

MVTN – MI VHF Traffic Net IRA Link System 2100 Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun

NLEUP – Northern Lower Eastern UP Net 146.64- 18:30 Daily

SEMTN – SE MI Traffic Net 146.76- 2215 Daily

TMMTN – Thumb Mid-Michigan Traffic Net 147.30+ 2130 Mon – Sat




Michigan Amateur Radio Public Service Corps (ARPSC) Activities for May 2019


Station Activity Reports (SAR) for May 2019


WB8WKQ 429, K8ED 143, K8BKM 115, N5MKY 101, WD8MWD 75, K8RDN 69, KB8RCR 50, WD8USA 37, KD8ZCM 36, KE8CEH 35, WB8TQZ 29, WB8RCR 12, KE8CYC 11, W8DW 10, KB8PGW 10

Public Service Honor Roll (PSHR) for May 2019:

WD8WMD 280, KE8BYC 267, KC8YVF 247, WB8RCR 232, WD8USA 232, K8RDN 145, KE8CYC 136, KD8ZCM 131, KB8RCR 118, N5MKY 115, K8ED 100, WB8WKQ 90, KB8PGW 80, W8DW 79, WB8TQZ 72, KE8CEH 71, N8OSL 67

Brass Pounder’s League (BPL): No reports this month

Net traffic for May 2019:

Michigan Amateur Communications System 110

The Michigan Net 61

Michigan Traffic Net 60

Southeastern Michigan Traffic Net 34

Michigan VHF Traffic Net 29

Michigan Digital Traffic Net 12

Northern Lower Eastern Upper Peninsula Net 11

Upper Peninsula Net 7

Saginaw County ARES Net 3



NTS person-hour Value for April 2019: $ 31,861


More information is available at http://nts-mi.org/.

Come join us on our traffic and public service nets.

A hearty thanks to the hundreds of volunteers across the State of
Michigan who work hard as volunteers to hone their skills month after
month to make sure they are ready for any situation that may arise. Our
ARPSC and NTS programs are an integral part of AuxComm, which in turn is
an integral part of the Michigan State Police Homeland Security
Division. Public service is in the DNA of Amateur Radio, one of many reasons we enjoy so many radio frequencies to utilize, experiment with, and enjoy.

Final Thoughts

I’m looking forward to hearing from all of you, and to visit your local club or group. I deeply appreciate the countless hours folks spend in volunteering their energy to make the hobby even better. Thanks to all the radio amateurs who continue to make the hobby great! Get Active, Get Involved, and Get On The Air! It’s Field Day, even if you just operate from outside the back door, get on the air!


Jim K8JK

Updated: June 18, 2019 — 2:26 pm

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