August 2018 Michigan Section Report

Greetings to all the Amateurs of Michigan,

For this month, a couple of asks, a couple of rants, some words to live by, and the usual data you’ve come to expect; in this “Pure Michigan Section” report.

Joe Miller KJ8O

Joe has served on the Section Staff as the Affiliated Club Coordinator for the past few years. After Joe’s recent retirement, he and his wife Irene chose to execute their plan to move closer to family in California.  In typical well-organized style, they made the move to their new QTH in Desert ​Hot Springs in just two short months.

I had only enjoyed the opportunity to work with Joe in his role as Affiliated Club Coordinator for a very short time, but it was a real treat to engage with him and his “can do” style.  Joe was a huge asset to the Michigan Section ARRL staff, and I will miss working with him.

Section Staff Positions

With Joe Miller leaving the section, I am looking for person to step into the role as Affiliated Club Coordinator. Duties of an ACC are listed on the ARRL website. If you are interested, drop me a note. Even if the ACC role isn’t one that you see yourself in, there will be plenty of opportunities to join the section staff. Motivated self-starters with a passion for amateur radio? I want you to join our team and make a difference.

Official Observer Program

ARRL, and especially its Ad Hoc Committee charged with revitalizing the Official Observer (OO) Program for the future, wants you to know the details of the new Volunteer Monitoring (VM) Program right away. At its July 2018 meeting, the ARRL Board of Directors approved a plan for the establishment of a new VM Program. This will be quite different from the OO Program that was created back in 1982. Based on extensive negotiations with the FCC, the new VM Program will improve the level of enforcement in the Amateur Service for years to come. It will help to fill the gap created two years ago when FCC closed many of its own field offices and retired much of its staff. That had the unfortunate effect of reducing its ability to respond to Amateur Radio enforcement problems.

For a considerable time, our OOs have been frustrated, along with the rest of us, because the FCC was limited in its ability to take direct action on an OO report about a bad operator. Now, things are about to change. After months of discussion with the FCC, the OO/AA corps is to be replaced by a “Volunteer Monitor” (VM) program. The program differences are extensive, both in policies and procedures, necessitating a total revamping.

My sincere thanks go out to a group of unsung heroes, our corps of Official Observers/Amateur Auxiliary (OO) operators. These guys and gals spend countless hours in front of their equipment listening to all of us to insure we don’t move too close to a band edge, don’t wait too long between IDs or don’t commit a host of other rules violations. They mail us a quick reminder, or often send a compliment about our good operating practices.

The OO/AA program will change, and you’ll hear more in the coming weeks. Personally, I am surprised that folks seem to have passed judgement before the implementation phase has begun. Perhaps they really can see into the future? If so, I need to hit them up for winning lottery numbers.


Great Lakes HamCon News


Great Lakes HamCon 2.0 scheduled to occur this October at Michigan International Speedway has been cancelled.  Failure to come to a final agreement for the use of the speedway led to the difficult decision to cancel the event.  With just two months remaining, the issues caused by the lack of agreement are insurmountable.


Refunds for event tickets purchased will be made.  Purchases made via PayPal will be made through PayPal.  Arrangements for refunds for cash purchases are being formulated and will be announced soon.

The support of our affiliated amateur radio clubs and their members was very much appreciated.   We share your disappointment that this year’s event cannot be held.  Thank you for your understanding.

Please join me in thanking those folks who held the vision of bringing a world class event to our state. I supported and will still support their efforts. It takes very little talent to point out flaws, but lots of character and commitment to stand up and take charge.


100 New Michigan Section Members by January 2019

Ok, here’s the ask. To prove a point, we need to add 100 new ARRL members to the Michigan Section roster by the end of the year. To encourage all of you to recruit, drop me a note after someone you’ve influenced has joined (with your callsigns). I will enter you into a small raffle (funded by me). These should be new members, not renewals. I’ve been told that this is impossible, but I think it’s easy goal.


Hospitality Acknowledgments

Thanks to these organizations and clubs for their outstanding
hospitality shown to the MI ARRL staff:

Central Michigan Swap

Livingston Amateur Radio Klub (yes, it’s spelled with a “K”)

Michigan ARRL Section Staff Travel Plans

September 16th Adrian (K8JK)

October 21st Kalamazoo (K8JK)

October 28th USECA


Michigan Public Service Activities

Michigan Section Traffic/ARPSC Nets (all times local)

Please note that time adjustments may be necessary due to propagation
changes. Contact your net manager for alternate frequencies and/or

MACS – MI Amateur Communications System 3.952 1000 Daily

UPN – Upper Peninsula Net 3.921 1700 Daily; Noon Sun

MIARPSC – MI Amateur Radio Public Service Corps 3.932 1700 Sun

QMN – The Michigan Net 3.563 1830 and 2200 Daily

MITN – MI Traffic Net 3.952 1900 Daily

MIDTN – MI Digital Traffic Net 3.583 (Olivia 8/500) 2000 Tu, Th, Sat

MIADS – MI ARES D-Star Net Reflector 24A Mon 2000

D8EN – District 8 Emergency Net 3.909 Wed 2000

GLETN – Great Lakes Emergency and Traffic Net 3.932 2000 Daily

MVTN – MI VHF Traffic Net IRA Link System 2100 Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun

NLEUP – Northern Lower Eastern UP Net 146.64- 18:30 Daily

SEMTN – SE MI Traffic Net 146.76- 2215 Daily

TMMTN – Thumb Mid-Michigan Traffic Net 147.30+ 2130 Mon – Sat

Michigan Amateur Radio Public Service Corps (ARPSC) Activities for July 2018

Station Activity Reports (SAR) for July 2018


WB8WKQ 272, K8ED 195, WD8USA 190, WB8TQZ 108, WD8MWD 104, N5MKY 78,

KE8CEH 53, K8BKM 32, WB8RCR 14, K8RDN 12, KE8IKT 11, KD8ZCM 4, KE8BYC 3

Public Service Honor Roll (PSHR) for July 2018:

KE8BYC 351, N5MKY 161, WB8RCR 149, WD8USA 140, WD8MWD 130, WB8TQZ 110,

K8ED 90, WB8WKQ 90, KD8ZCM 74, KE8CEH 69, KE8IKT 68, K8RDN 58, KC8YVF 44


Brass Pounder’s League (BPL): No reports this month

Net traffic for July 2018:


Michigan Amateur Communications System 109

Michigan Traffic Net 95

The Michigan Net 62

Southeastern Michigan Traffic Net 55

Upper Peninsula Net 44

Great Lakes Emergency and Traffic Net 37

Michigan Digital Traffic Net 27

Michigan VHF Traffic Net 27

Northern Lower Eastern Upper Peninsula Net 11

Saginaw County ARES Net 2

District 5 Hospital Net 1

Red Cross Net of Greater Grand Rapids 0

Michigan ARES D-Star 0

Luce County ARES Net 0

Genesee County ARPSC Traffic and Training Net 0

District 3 ARPSC Net 0

Michigan Amateur Radio Public Service Corps 0

District 8 Emergency Net 0

Total Volunteer Dollar Value for July 2018: $ 29,444

More information is available at

Come join us on our traffic and public service nets.

A hearty thanks to the hundreds of volunteers across the State of
Michigan who work hard as volunteers to hone their skills month after
month to make sure they are ready for any situation that may arise. Our
ARPSC and NTS programs are an integral part of AuxComm, which in turn is
an integral part of the Michigan State Police Homeland Security
Division. Public service is in the DNA of Amateur Radio, one of many reasons we enjoy so many radio frequencies to utilize, experiment with, and enjoy.

Final Thoughts


The chorus from a popular song sums it up for me:

“If you have a dream go chase it,
If you feel hope don’t waste it,
If you find love embrace it,
And never take a single breath for granted,
The story’s yours, go write it,
Tomorrow’s undecided,
Our days are counted on this planet,
Never take a single breath,
Take a single breath for granted…..”


I’m looking forward to hearing from all of you!


Jim K8JK

Updated: August 16, 2018 — 10:53 am

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