W8S On The Air Friday June 29th 2018

From WA8OLD:


I just read your  latest newsletter , and wanted you to know that at literally the last minute, we have decided to have a special events station to commentate the 350th Anniversary of Sault Ste Marie and the annual Engineers day here on Friday June 29.

This event was only plannedl just in  May and thanks to a dedicated small group of amateurs here, we think we are closing in.

I am helping facilitate this,  (my  first license from November 1964) but this was really the brainchild of Brian KC8LXS, Marv KC8MLD and Ken W8SOO .

I applied for the call W8S and we will be QRV on Friday June 29. We are still putting many things together, but our QRZ page is up under W8S . I have attached  our draft QSL card.

For a last minute effort, this is remarkable. We will learn a lot. I counseled the club, said, let’s just see what happens and what we learn

The Army Corps of Engineers is giving us access to the property, and we have the full support , even at this late date, of all the local government agencies involved.


Thanks for your time .



WA8OLD , Dave

Also : VE3OPE


Also  Trustee for




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