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Michigan Retail Sales Tax


For purposes of brevity I am providing the following update. During the planning stages for Hamcon 2017, it was discovered that Michigan had 2 retail tax issues that was keeping out of State Vendors away from Amateur Radio Swap and Shop events. The first problem was a retail sales tax “event” was considered one day. The second problem identified being, if an out of State Vendor came into Michigan, the retail sales tax reporting period needed to be completed and submitted to the State within 3 days. In speaking with Glen Ohlemacher K8GO, and Larry Camp WB8R, I received a request for assistance.   Upon learning what the issues were; I made numerous calls, sent emails and a Fax to two of our elected officials and communicated with the Michigan Department of Treasury as well as the Michigan Department of Treasury, Taxpayer Advocate Office. Upon communicating the issues and explaining the benefits of Amateur Radio and the Swap and Shops; I received a letter of response dated April 6, 2018 from the Office of the Taxpayer Advocate, Michigan Department of Treasury. The definition of event is now considered 3 days. Tax reporting on the Concessionaires Sale Tax Return form has now been increased from 3 days to 30 days. A copy of the correspondence and the updated Form 5089 will be posted on the Michigan website. This is great news for out of state vendors and Michigan amateur radio operators alike.

Michigan Treasury Response


Michigan Antenna/Tower Advisory Committee


The second meeting of the Michigan Antenna/Tower Advisory Committee held the second meeting after a lengthy delay. Committee appointees from the Michigan Municipal League which represents member Michigan Cities, and the Michigan Township Association which represents member Townships met on Thursday, May 10th. A proposed authority and procedure guideline was introduced. In addition, considerable discussion took place between the MML and Township Association and the Michigan Section of the ARRL, including a representative of State of Michigan. The meeting was very positive with

excellent dialog and cooperation extended by all of the parties in attendance.

The next meeting has been schedule for the fall of 2018. ARRL member contacts

are SGL Ed Hude WA8QJE and Asst SM Larry Camp, WB8R.

Updated: May 15, 2018 — 2:11 pm

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  1. Does the antenna/ tower committee deal with local cities for ham operators? I contacted Roseville Michigan and was told I could only put up a structure under 25′. It may need to be engineered. Also I would need a $170 permit. Is there anyone I can contact regarding this?

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