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The Friends of the MSUARC has recently been organized to encourage, support and strengthen the MSUARC. Members of the MSUARC spend just a few very busy years at the university, trying to balance interest in amateur radio, pursuing an academic program, and their individual growth and development. Students come and go and a sense of continuity for the MSUARC can be hard to maintain from year to year. It is the hope that the MSUARC-Friends can help the MSUARC maintain their continuity when needed through cooperative planning, encouragement, and the providing of needed resources.

So far this academic year we’ve sponsored two “free lunches” for MSUARC members and have hosted a tour of the WKAR broadcast control facilities. Other activities being considered include contest mentoring, a tour of the cyclotron/FRIB facility, a one day license class, antenna construction, using the club’s remote station capabilities, etc.

Please consider joining the Friends and adding your support to the MSUARC. Membership is open to everyone.

The Friends of the MSUARC Bylaws can be accessed at:

An online Membership Form/Application is available at:

Questions/comments should be directly to Joe Levine W8JRK (

Updated: October 20, 2017 — 12:10 pm

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