Recruiting for Wouff Hong Ceremony at GLHamCon @ MIS.


At the upcoming Great Lakes HamCon, which will be held at Michigan
International Speedway on October 7 & 8, we are fortunate to be able to
offer the initiation into the Royal Order of the Wouff Hong. Our friends
in the Ohio ARRL Section are going to present this ceremony. The event
will be held on Saturday evening after the rest of the day’s

We will need 7 players for this. All that is required of them is to read
some pre-scripted lines from the play. The scripts are broken down so
each player will know exactly what lines they are to read. These
volunteers will be dressed in easy to wear costumes, so there’s no
dress code.

The R.O.W.H. initiation is an impressive ceremony that only licensed
amateurs who are members of the ARRL may attend the performance and be
initiated as members of the R.O.W.H.

We have need of seven volunteers (must be ARRL members in good standing
to take part in this most honored ceremony. The costumes will be
provided for everyone.

There is no license class requirement and any licensed ham who is an
ARRL member in good standing can participate.

This is a fun event that reaches back to the very beginnings of amateur

If you have more questions or to volunteer, contact Scott Yonally at and he will answer your questions and sign you up.

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you at MIS in the fall!


Larry, WB8R

Updated: July 26, 2017 — 7:15 pm

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