Michigan State Police 100th Anniversary Celebration Special Event Stations

In April, 2017, we have two activities concerning the upcoming 100th
Anniversary of the Michigan State Police. The actual MSP anniversary
date is April 19.

Beginning on April 15 through April 30, W8P will be on the air from the
Livingston Amateur Radio Klub in Howell, MI. Frequencies will be 21.300,
14.226, 7.185 and 3.850 MHz.

Full information available on the ARRL web site. Thanks to Les, W8MSP
for organizing this nifty event. I have seen his QSL Cards and they are
very nice and I look forward to earning one of them.

On April 22 and 23 (Zulu), the 100th Anniversary of the Michigan State
Police will be acknowledged and celebrated by an activation of the
amateur radio station at the new Michigan State EOC using the callsign

Frequencies will be 3.560, 3.930, 7.065, 7.230, 14.030 and 14.230 MHz.
Please keep in mind that as with all specified frequencies for
operation, these are just starting points. We all know that no one owns
any frequency; our operators will be courteous and do their best to not
interfere with any regularly scheduled activities near the stated

To support the Michigan State Parks on the Air event going on at the
same time, the SEOC station will also operate 146.58 FM. The SEOC
station has a significant VHF footprint.

The Michigan State Police will be providing a special QSL for this
event. More information, including QSL instructions is available here:

Please take a little time out of your schedule and make a few contacts
with W8P and WS8EOC to help us celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the
Michigan State Police.

Updated: April 7, 2017 — 2:02 pm

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