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Greetings to the Hams of Michigan:

It is official – Fall is here…..We have had our first frost on the pumpkin here in extreme Southern Michigan. The leaves are turning colors and thoughts turn to “I wonder if the furnace will start and run ok?”

This month I have the pleasure of making a major announcement about a new hamfest that is in the process of being organized in Michigan.

Recently, Dale Williams, WA8EFK and I have been working with officials from NASCAR (International Speedway Corp) concerning the organization of a hamfest/convention to take place in the fall of 2017 at the Michigan International Speedway (MIS) near Brooklyn, MI.

There are a number of reasons that having a hamfest at MIS is a great idea:

1. Unlimited potential for growth

2. Located in SE Michigan in the Irish Hills

3. Free parking

4. 24 hour Site Security

5. Large buildings that can be utilized for commercial vendors as well as for flea markets

6. Paved infield areas

7. Food services that can range from modest to downright exciting

8. Electronic ticket and vendor/flea market sales

9. Quality spaces for meeting rooms, hospitality rooms and forums

10. Opportunities for overnight camping

11. A plethora of hotel rooms and unique and quaint Bed & Breakfast facilities nearby

12. Load in/out opportunities the day before and the day after event

13. Ancillary attractions relative to the racetrack

14. A unique and exciting place for a hamfest

How are we going to staff this venture? We are in the process of assembling a consortium of clubs to gather the necessary talent and staff to make this event successful. I will be hitting the road in the coming weeks to chat with clubs within a radius of about 50 miles of the track.

Look for more news soon….

HB 6857 Update

Recently, a Distracted Driving bill (HB 5867) was introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives by Representative Howyrlak. This bill, in our estimation, failed to adequately protect a number of entities, both commercial and private from the unintended consequence of potentially becoming illegal activities should the bill become law. One of those entities that was at risk was operating an amateur radio in a vehicle using a method other than handsfree.

Ed Hude, WA8QJE, MI ARRL State Government Liaison has contacted the office of Representative Howyrlak and has made an appointment for us to visit his office on October 20 to discuss how we can help him to produce a bill that does not negatively impact amateur or commercial 2 way radio.

Because we are nearing the end of the Legislative session (all bills not passed and signed by the Governor will ‘time-out’ at the end of the session) we don’t expect this bill to see the light of day in the current session. However, we are pretty certain that it will be reintroduced in the next Legislative term and we plan to provide the Representative with assistance to make sure that amateur radio is not negatively impacted.

Monroe County Radio Communication Assn 75th Anniversary Celebration

On October 20, The MCRCA will celebrate their 75th Anniversary with a very special event. In addition to the club becoming 75 years old, they will also be celebrating 50 years of ARRL Affiliation. The MCRCA also was Michigan’s first Special Service Club. I am looking forward to attend what I am sure will be a very special evening. Thanks to the MCRCA for the invitation to attend.

Section Staff Travel Plans

Oct 20, 2016 Meeting w/Rep. Howyrlak & Staff, Lansing, MI – WB8R, WA8QJE

Oct 20, 2016 Monroe County Radio Comm. Assn Mtg 75th Ann – WB8R

Oct 25, 2016 Cherryland ARC Meeting, Traverse City, MI – WB8R

Oct 30, 2016 USECA Swap & Shop, Madison Heights, Mi – WB8R

Nov 1, 2016 OCARS Meeting, Waterford, MI – WB8R

Nov 8, 2016 Arrow Club Meeting, Ann Arbor, MI – WB8R

Dec 4, 2016 L’Anse Creuse Swap, Madison Heights, MI – WB8R

Feb 4, 2017 Hiawatha ARA Shop & Swap – Negaunee, MI – WB8R

Feb 7 – 10, 2017 MPSCS Interop Conf, Traverse City, MI – WB8R, et al

Feb 19, 2017 Livonia ARC Swap & Shop – WB8R

Mar 11, 2017 Lowell Amateur Radio Youth Club Hamfest – WB8R

Hospitality Acknowledgements

Thanks to the following groups for their fine hospitality on recent visits:

Sep 17, 2016 GRAHamfest, Wyoming, MI

Sep 18, 2016 Adrian Hamfest, Adrian, MI

Oct 8, 2016 Alpena Hamfest, Alpena, MI

Oct 15, 2016 Muskegon Swap, Muskegon, MI

Oct 16, 2016 Kalamazoo Hamfest, Kalamazoo, MI

Michigan Section Traffic/ARPSC Nets (All times Local)

MACS – MI Amateur Communications System 3.952 1000 Daily

UPN – Upper Peninsula Net 3.921 1700 Daily; Noon Sunday

MIARPSC – MI Amateur Radio Public Service Corps 3.932 1700 Sunday

QMN – The Michigan Net 3.563 1830 and 2200 Daily

MITN – MI Traffic Net 3.952 1900 Daily

MIDTN – MI Digital Traffic Net 3.583 (Olivia 8/500) in waterfall 2000 Tues, Thurs, Sat

MIADS – MI ARES D-Star Net Reflector 24A Mon 2000

D8EN – District 8 Emergency Net 3.909 Wed 2100

GLETN – Great Lakes Emergency and Traffic Net 3.932 2000 Daily

MVTN – MI VHF Traffic Net IRA Link System 2100 Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun

NLEUP – Northern Lower Eastern UP Net 146.64- 18:30 Daily

SEMTN – SE MI Traffic Net 146.76- 2215 Daily

TMMTN – Thumb Mid-Michigan Traffic Net 147.30+ 2130 Mon – Sat

More information is available at http://nts-mi.org/. Come join us on our traffic and public service nets.

Michigan ARPSC Activities September 2016

Station Activity Reports (SAR): WB8WKQ 333, K8ED 310, WB8TQZ 118, WD8MWD 70, WD8USA 41, K8RDN 37, W8MSK 19, N8OSL 14, WB8RCR 8, KC8NFN 8, KD8LSM 4, WB8R 3

Total Station Activity Reports (SAR): 965

Brass Pounder’s League (BPL): None

Public Service Honor Roll (PSHR): WB8R 179, KC8YVF 169, WD8MWD 135, WD8USA 120, K8RDN 118, WB8RCR 118, WB8WKQ 110, WB8TQZ 110, K8ED 100, N8OSL 84, NE8B 63, KC8NFN 48, KD8LSM 47, KE8BYC 21.

Net traffic: The Michigan Net 110, Michigan Traffic Net 96, Southeastern Michigan Traffic Net 74, Michigan Amateur Communications System 65, Upper Peninsula Net 40, Great Lakes Emergency and Traffic Net 40, Michigan Digital Traffic Net 19, Northern Lower Eastern Upper Peninsula Net 6, Saginaw County ARES Net 5, Genesee County ARPSC Traffic and Training Net 3, District 3 ARPSC Net 3, Michigan VHF Traffic Net 1, Red Cross Net of Greater Grand Rapids 1, Bay Area Regional Traffic System 1, Luce County ARES Net , District 5 Hospital Net , Branch County Emergency Net , District 8 Emergency Net , District 8 Digital Emergency Net , Michigan Amateur Radio Public Service Corps , Michigan ARES D-Star net , Chelsea ARC Net Total net traffic reported: 411

Volunteer Hours Dollar Value:

ARPSC: $ 202,882

NTS: $33,299

Total Dollar Value September, 2016: $236,181

A hearty thank you goes to the hundreds of volunteers across the State of Michigan who work hard as volunteers to hone their skills month after month to make sure they are ready for any situation that may arise. Our ARPSC and NTS programs are an integral part of AuxComm, which in turn is an integral part of the Michigan Homeland Security Division.

73 until next month,

Larry, WB8R

Updated: October 17, 2016 — 1:26 am

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