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November 2015

Greetings to the Hams of Michigan:

Welcome to the end of 2015. Six more weeks and we will be working Straight Key Night and pondering what 2016 has in store for us. It seems like it was just last week that we were recovering from sensory overload from many, many hours on the air during the Centennial QSO Party. Time flies when you are having fun!

Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015

We have learned that Senate Bill S 1685 is scheduled for consideration by the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation on November 18.

Michigan Senator Gary Peters is a member of that committee and we need to urge him to support S 1685.

IF YOU HAVE NOT yet called the office of Senator Peters to request his support of S 1685, NOW IS THE TIME TO MAKE THAT CALL!!!

We need to take action NOW!

This can be done easily by contacting his office by telephone at: 202-224-6221. You can leave a voice mail (any time of day or night) by pressing #1or you can reach a member of his staff by pressing #3.

While contact with a staffer is the preferred way to go, either way is acceptable and needs to be done right away!

The following simple message will get the point across:

Good morning/Good afternoon,

“My name is ________________  from  _______________, Michigan.

I urge Senator Peters to support S. 1685, the Amateur Radio Parity Act, when it comes up for a vote in committee. Thank you.”

This action is only for Senator Peters, because he is a member of the committee where S 1685 is being considered. Our letter writing campaign for both Senators Peters and Stabenow still continues, but this special telephone call to action is for Senator Peters only.

Thank you for your prompt assistance. Time is of the essence, so please pick up the telephone and make that call. It takes only about a minute of your time to make the difference.

Please send me a brief note telling me that you have made that call. (

Additional information on the Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015:

HR 1301 now has 112 co-sponsors.

S 1685 has gain an additional co-sponsor as Sen. Al Franken from MN has signed on.

SKYWARN™ Recognition Day is December 5th


The 17TH annual SKYWARN Recognition Day (SRD) special event will take place Saturday, December 5, 2015, from 0000 UTC to 2400 UTC.  SKYWARN Recognition Day, co-sponsored by the American Radio Relay League and the National Weather Service, pays tribute to Amateur Radio operators for the vital public service they perform. During the 24-hour event, Amateur Radio operators visit their local National Weather Service (NWS) office and work as a team to contact other hams across the world.   This event is also aimed at strengthening the bond between Amateur Radio operators and local NWS offices.

The volunteer SKYWARN program comprises nearly 290,000 trained severe weather spotters — many of them radio amateurs — who identify severe storms and provide NWS forecasters with reports of local weather conditions during severe weather events.

SKYWARN Recognition Day is not a contest. The object is for stations to exchange some basic information with as many NWS stations as possible on 80 meters through 70 centimeters (excluding 1.25 meters). Repeater contacts are permitted. Stations exchange call signs, signal reports, locations, and a one or two-word description of the weather at their respective locations.

The National Weather Service provides event information on this Web site:


National Parks on The Air (NPOA)


THE event for 2016 will be the National Parks on the air (NPOA). This event will be for teams that go out into the field to activate various sites around the country and for individuals to log contacts with those sites. Full info is available in the December, 2015 QST on pages 57-58. Sounds like another busy year!!!


Spectrum Defense Fund


The following is courtesy of our Affiliated Club Coordinator, Joe Miller, KJ8O:


For many years, the American Radio Relay League has strived not only to defend the amateur radio bands from the various threats to the service that occur, but is continually seeking to obtain new frequency and mode allocations, not only for U.S. amateur radio operators, but working with the International Amateur Radio Union, for the rest of the world as well. Funding for this activity is not included in the ARRL operating budget, but relies on donations made from amateur radio operators and/or amateur radio clubs. As part of this activity, the World Radio Communication Conference meets every 3-4 years, and as David Sumner K1ZZ eloquently stated “You can help. With a contribution to the Spectrum Defense Fund – whatever is within your means – you become a partner in the WRC-15 effort and in every other endeavor to protect and improve the ham bands.”

With the Amateur Radio Parity Act being close to a final vote, any donations would be very much appreciated. Some suggestions include a club donation, or perhaps a 50-50 drawing with proceeds going to the Spectrum Defense Fund, or even simply passing the hat. Whichever way, all donations will go a long way to preserve this hobby that we enjoy.

Additional information can be found at:

Also from our ACC:


ARRL Affiliated and Special Service Clubs


It is time to complete those annual club reports which will keep your club current at the ARRL. No affiliated club or special service club is ever removed from the lists. If you do not complete the annual reports for either or both, then you club becomes inactive.


You can easily update your club information here: This should be completed at the beginning of each calendar year.


Hamfest and Swap and Shop ARRL Registrations


It really is never too early to get your 2016 ARRL hamfest or Swap & Shop registered with ARRL HQ. This list of activities are used by hams to schedule trips and vacations across the state throughout the year. As of this writing, there are (4) 2016 swaps scheduled, including the Kalamazoo swap in October! It may seem like 2016 is a very long way off, but realistically it is like the day after tomorrow. This is free advertising for your swap, so be sure to take advantage of it by making sure that your Swap or Hamfest is registered early!


Hospitality Acknowledgements

Oct 17, 2015               Muskegon Color Tour Swap, Muskegon

Oct 18, 2015               Kalamazoo Swap, Kalamazoo

Oct 25, 2015               USECA Swap, Madison Heights

Nov 5, 2015                Big Rapids Area ARC Meeting, Big Rapids

Thank you for your warm welcome and hospitality. I enjoyed my visit to your swap or meeting.

Section Staff Travel Plans

Dec 6, 2015                 L’Anse Creuse Swap, Harrison Twp – WB8R

Jan 24, 2016                Hazel Park Swap, Madison Heights, MI – WB8R

Feb 13, 2016               Cherryland Swap, Traverse City, MI – WB8R

Feb 21, 2016               Livonia ARC Swap, Livonia, MI – WB8R

Feb 22-25, 2016          MI  Interop  Conf. Traverse City, MI – WB8R et al

Michigan Section Traffic/ARPSC Nets (All times Local)

MACS – MI Amateur Communications System 3.952 1000 Daily

UPN – Upper Peninsula Net 3.921 1700 Daily; Noon Sunday

MIARPSC – MI Amateur Radio Public Service Corps 3.932 1700 Sunday

QMN – The Michigan Net 3.563 1830 and 2200 Daily

MITN – MI Traffic Net 3.952 1900 Daily

MIDTN – MI Digital Traffic Net 3.583 (Olivia 8/500) in waterfall 2000 Tues, Thurs, Sat

MIADS – MI ARES D-Star Net Reflector 24A Mon 2000

D8EN – District 8 Emergency Net 3.909 Wed 2100

GLETN – Great Lakes Emergency and Traffic Net 3.932 2000 Daily

MVTN – MI VHF Traffic Net IRA Link System 2100 Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun

NLEUP – Northern Lower Eastern UP Net 146.64- 18:30 Daily

SEMTN – SE MI Traffic Net 146.76- 2215 Daily

TMMTN – Thumb Mid-Michigan Traffic Net 147.30+ 2130 Mon – Sat

More information is available at Come join us on our traffic and public service nets.

Amateur Radio Public Service Corps (ARPSC) Activities

Station Activity Reports (SAR) for October, 2015: WB9JSR 687, WB8WKQ 227, WB8TQZ 190, K8ED 179, K8RDN 166, N8FVM 53, WD8MWD 47, WD8USA 40, KC8BW 33, W8MSK 26, N8OSL 17, WB8RCR 11, WB8R 10, WB8WJV 7, N8UN 3, KD8LSM 2.

Total SAR reported: 1698

Brass Pounder’s League (BPL) for October, 2015: WB9JSR 687.

Public Service Honor Roll (PSHR)for October, 2015: WB8RCR 256, N8OSL 187, N8FVM 164, WD8USA 160, K8RDN 160, WB8R 156, WB9JSR 130, KC8YVF 122, WD8MWD 120, WB8TQZ 110, WB8WKQ 110, K8ED 90, KC8BW 80, NE8B 47, KD8LSM 32, KC8NFN 23.

Net traffic for October, 2015: Michigan Amateur Communications System 184, Michigan Traffic Net 122, Upper Peninsula Net 43, Great Lakes Emergency and Traffic Net 39, Southeastern Michigan Traffic Net 33, Michigan VHF Traffic Net 28, Michigan Digital Traffic Net 23, Northern Lower Eastern Upper Peninsula Net 9, Saginaw County ARES Net 6, District 3 Digital Training net 4, District 3 ARPSC Net 3, District 5 Hospital Net , Red Cross Net of Greater Grand Rapids , Michigan ARES D-Star net , Genesee County ARPSC Traffic and Training Net , District 8 Emergency Net , Bay Area Regional Traffic System , Branch County Emergency Net , Michigan Amateur Radio Public Service Corps , Chelsea ARC Net .

Total net traffic reported: 494

If you are reporting monthly, you can see your PSHR eligibility status at The full details are at: This award recognizes the efforts of hams that are active in public service. Those reporting accumulate points for checking into nets, volunteering, holding Section appointment(s) and handling message traffic.

EC’s can see their reports of Form FSD-212 here: If you send your report to WB8RCR and don’t see it noted there, send a note to John to tell him your report has gone missing. EC’s: Be sure to share your FSD 212 with your District EC, your ARES/RACES members and with your county’s Emergency Manager and others in your jurisdiction who need to know what you and your ARES/RACES group are contributing to your community each month.

If you have difficulty knowing how to report and how to complete the FSD 212 form, assistance is as close as your District EC or your Section EC. If you don’t know who these folks are, you can locate them here: They stand ready to help you.

Veteran’s Day

While this is a slightly belated thank you, I would like to pass along my sincerest appreciation to all Veterans, wartime and peacetime alike. It is through your service to your country that has helped to make this country the great place that it is. Thank you for your service and thank you for your sacrifice on behalf of the American people.

Thanksgiving  Day.


This is the time of year when the weather is beginning to turn colder, frost in on the pumpkin and our thoughts turn to family and the upcoming Thanksgiving Day. While our nation is facing a lot of challenges, we all should be thankful for the bounty that is ours in this great country. Enjoy your thanksgiving with family and friends and remember those that made this all possible. Diane and I send best wishes from our family to yours.


Untill next time, 73

Larry, WB8R

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