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Welcome To the Michigan Section Web Page. Come stroll around a bit!

Many thanks go to David Adams, N9UXU for his leadership in developing the site, to Jay Nugent, WB8TKL for his patience with yours truly as I learn more than I ever wanted to know about this stuff, and finally to our webmaster, Gordon Baldwin, W8CT for stepping forward to manage and administer this page for the Michigan Section.

Our plan is to create and maintain a portal to all things Michigan ARRL and to provide space for the Section Staff to communicate with the hams of Michigan, as well as an opportunity for you to communicate with them.

We expect the website to be continuously evolving and improving over time. All constructive comments are welcome.




Jim Kvochick K8JK … Section Manager

Section Staff

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  1. would like some information regarding OO and the upoming VM program. 73 KD8WL Bill Lampe

    1. Hi Bill;

      I know that new VM folks have been selected, but I have heard nothing further as to the start date of the program. I will check with ARRL HQ!
      73 Jim K8JK



  3. Is the RACES program still active or is it only now?

    1. Hi John;
      RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service) is only activated by government agencies who need emergency communication, most often after the event (disaster or other issues) has disrupted their communications. As an amateur you need to be registered, and can find details on arrl.org by searching for RACES. This registration is completed through local Civil Defense resources.

      ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) is activated when the area or region is under threat. ARES can (and often is) active before, during, and after an emergency. You register for ARES with your local ARRL Emergency Coordinator (EC).

      Jim K8JK

  4. please put me on the list for the news letter

    1. Bob,

      ARRL members automatically get emailed a copy of the Section News.

  5. Is there a place in Ogemaw county to get training? I have no experience at all, but have been interested for years. Any assistance in the proper direction would be greatly appreciated.

    1. There appears to be the Ogemaw Arenac Amateur Radio Club that may be able to assist, their website is http://www.k8oar.club

  6. Contrary to what was mentioned above, it has been years since I received anything from ARRL “automatically” or otherwise by e-mail. Can I be put on the list? I have been a lifetime member for years and years. Maybe I’ve gotten lost track of somehow.

    On a local net tonight (8/3/20, Macomb County area) someone asked about a Michigan area Simulated Emergency Test (SET). Is there anywhere to find out about a county or state-wide SET?

    Having moved back to Michigan after a few years away, it seems the local organizations have withered away.

    Cheers and 73, Ray WA4MLD

    1. Ray;

      I would start by finding out who the EC is for the county you are in. I am not aware of any other magical lists. I assume that since you are a lifetime member, you have kept your email address up to date on the ARRL website.


      Jim K8JK

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